Lit Riderz makes the cut in Riverside. Black History Parade returns to downtown Riverside

Cyclists take part in the 43rd Annual Black History Parade along Market Street in downtown Riverside on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2023. (Photo by Will Lester, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/SCNG)
Lit Riderz – April

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Lit Riderz makes the front page of The Press Enterprise.
Lit Riderz WINS  Overall Parade Award


Photo by Will Lester, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/SCNG)

Temecula, CA 12/2/22

Lit Rider Gingerose makes Juiced Top 5 mods list

Light Up the Lane

You’ll DEFINITELY see rider Gingerose coming down the road on her modded Scorpion X. This Southern California rider, who originally started adding lights to his bike for safety, now has over 2,000 programmable LEDs with more on the way! She’s also added a 100 Watt loud speaker with siren, cupholder, JBL music speaker, phone holder and upgraded pedals to her ride. Chris, along with his wife Gingerose , and 10 other riders, started an LED Bike Club called the Lit Riderz. “Now we’re on a mission to inspire others to live their best life and join us in the biking community,” he says. Chris and Gingerose participate in numerous light parades from downtown LA to San Diego and says she loves night rides with her Scorpion because of the colorful atmosphere and bumpin’ music.

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We’ re proud of our Lit Riderz.

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San Diego Electric Light Parade shouts out to Lit Riderz in Bold Journey Magazine


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Written By Seth Styles

As loved as CicLAvia is, it’s strictly a daytime affair. In the tradition of the nocturnal cycling group the Midnight Ridazz, Lit Riders keep their rides limited to late hours. After all, how else would you see their neon LED gear?

That’s right, this bicycle group lights up LA with luminous LED lights and synchronized audio amps installed on their bikes. It’s almost like a DIY Disney Main Street Electrical Parade. A relatively new club, the Liit Riderz formed in May 2022 when a group of friends from San Diego and LA decided to meet up for a late night ride. 

While they obviously enjoy cycling in Los Angeles, the fledgling group’s ethos extends beyond cyclists. They hope to illuminate the country, even those who’ve never touched a bike, to the myriad benefits of cycling. And with their LEDs fired up, anytime is the right time for a ride. 


Cyclists Take a Relaxing Ride Through the Valley

 Another peculiar sight, right in the middle of the Winnetka hub, was a bicycle with a small skeleton fixed to the handlebars, both of which were completely decked out in Coca-Cola memorabilia.

Some cyclists livened up the event by blasting music. One bike had a boombox tied to the front.

Lit Riderz, a bicycle club, blared music from loudspeakers they pulled with their bicycles, playing “Atomic Dog” and “Humps for the Boulevard” as they cruised down the street. One member grooved to the beat while on an electric unicycle.

After reaching one end, cyclists could take a break before turning around and going through the neighborhoods one more time. The event was a mellow and relaxing affair. It may have been a cold day, but it surely pleased the participants who were glad that rain didn’t ruin their parade.